New borns can not see colour

New born see everything in black and white.

Since 0-6 months old babies can not see colors, monochromatic colors and patterns help stimulate their brains.

You can start introducing cards as early at 0-3 months with infant stimulating cards also known as High Contrast card.

Flash cards help your Kids memorise and learn faster.

Kids are receptive to images and colors, incorporating Flash cards about different topics can encourage them to learn & discover more.

Flashcards help boost your kid’s imagination & curiosity, preparing them to learn & develop more interests.

Features of Our Flash Cards

1. Rounded Corners to ensure Longevity.
2. Bright & Fun attention catch Illustrations.
3. Laminated for Safety & to bring in the pop.
4. Bolder text, Easy to Read & understand.
5. Optimal size to ensure efficiency & Ease of User

Featured Flash Cards

A few featured Cards. Check the Complete list in Store section

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The cards are great. My kids enjoy them and I don’t have to nag about studying anymore. They are always looking forward to learning something new. They enjoy the Animal and sound cards most. 


Home Maker

Shopping experience has been a breeze at Cots and Cuddles. The Cards were delivered on time in perfect condition. The kids love them.  Also the support team promptly helped with the Queries.



The cards are designed beautifully. Every set has something to offer. My toddler likes the memory flip cards that have cute dinos llustrated on them, it has kept him occupied ever since the purchase !